Casinos in Eastern Europe: Budapest

Casinos in Eastern Europe: Budapest

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Budapest

Casinotop10’s tour to the Eastern European capitals has now reached the heart of Europe.

Here you will find the little mysterious country Hungary, originally composed of Magyar immigrants from Russia and today speaks a language that nobody can understand beyond their own. Budapest, however, has developed into a big city and is definitely worth visiting.

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In the middle of the green plains of Hungary we find the capital Budapest – a city full of culture, history, beautiful buildings and lots of entertainment.

The city is briefly divided into two as the Danube river runs through the city. On the western side is the city of Buda, and on the other hand lies Pest – and so you have all of Budapest!

Buda is the historical part of the city, while Pest is the city’s commercial and cultural center.

In Pest there are lots of cafes, museums and theaters, and this is where you will find the Hungarian Parliament.

One thing that one should do in Budapest in addition to discovering the city is to go to spa. Hungary and Budapest are known for their many spas, and it is relatively cheap to get spoiled here.


There are two different types of game establishments in Budapest. One is regular casinos and the other is classified as a “game room”.

The difference between the two is that there are stricter identification requirements to enter a casino . But if you have your ID or passport, there are no problems, so we recommend you to play a real casino instead of a games room.

There you will find the best game selection and there is proper control of the games.

budapest casino las vegasIn Budapest there are several casinos. The most popular casino is Las Vegas Casino, located at Széchenyi István tér 2 in Pest. The casino was opened in 1992, shortly after the fall of Communism, and is today the most visited casino in Budapest.

Inside there are 27 game tables, 65 slot machines and two roulette tables. As you can see in the picture, it is modern and colorful.

Another popular casino in Pest is Tropicana Casino, located on Vigadó utca 2. Unlike Las Vegas Casino, the place is a bit smaller but still very cozy

In addition to the neon light and plastic palms there are eight roulette tables, six blackjack tables and 14 poker tables. In addition, you can play Caribbean Stud and baccarat.

The minimum age for entering a casino in Hungary is 18 years. There are no specific requirements for attire.

It should also be mentioned that even though the coin in Hungary is forint, you can pay with euros in the casinos.


The Danube River: The center of Budapest around the river is an attraction, and it is nice to go for a walk there. Here are lots of historic buildings, shops and of danube budapest

A special popular attraction is the “Shoes of Danube” square, located just off the Danube. It is a memorial to the many Jews who died during the Second World War. Some of them were placed at the river bank and asked to take off their shoes, after which they were executed and dropped into the river. The shoes were considered valuable and therefore they were not allowed to keep them.

Holocaust Memorial Center: After seeing the Shoes of Danube it is worth seeing this museum, which is relatively new. Originally, it was part of the old Jewish quarter, so you can get a guided tour of the area.

At the museum, the scary story of the Jewish persecution is seen from a Hungarian point of view, including clothes and belongings from people in concentration camps.

holocaust minnescenter budapestClaustrophilia: This is more of an experience than an attraction, but it is very popular. You are locked in a mysterious apartment, where you have to manage to escape within an hour. This is done by combining clues, that is, a Hungarian version of the “Prisoners of the Fort”.


Population: 9.9 million
Area: 93,030 km2
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint

How to get to Hungary:

SAS flies several times a week directly to Budapest from Copenhagen. The same does Ryanair from Billund. In addition, the Hungarian company Wizz Air is flying from Malmö.