The world’s 28 most famous women in 2017 – according to the internet

The world’s 28 most famous women in 2017 – according to the internet

ee which famous women find the most search results in Google.

Can you use the internet to measure how familiar a person is?

Yes, you can actually count on how many times search results are found about the person.

Ok, that’s probably not the most scientific method, but it’s interesting to see. At the same time, this list of the 25 well-known women who finds most of the search results, actually not too far from reality.

The website has taken a number of celebrities, primarily American, and searched for their names on Google and then noted how many search results are coming up. That’s where this interesting list came out.


Here is the list for 2016.

25. Paris Hilton (41,100,000 results): The hotel heritage is always hot stuff for the gossip press and therefore much has been written about her. Additionally, all of the search results for the Hilton hotels in Paris …

24. Jennifer Lawrence (41,400,000 results): Got her breakthrough in the Hunger Games movie and this year she won an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook – where she then fell on the way up the stairs at the award ceremony. One of Hollywood’s new young stars.

jennifer lawrence

23. Angeline Jolie (43,400,000 results): The film star did not make much sense on the canvas in 2013, but in return, she noticed by publicly announcing that she had removed her breasts.

22. Demi Lovato (43.600.000 results): Singer, who is among the judges in the American version of X-factor. There has also been no harm to the fact that there were rumors that she participated in a sex video …

21. Jennifer Love Hewitt (43.800.000 results): The actress has been very successful in 2013 in the TV series The Client List. In the series she plays with Brian Hallisay, which she also married during the year.

20. Mariah Carey (45.600.000 results): The singing song has become 43 years, but she still sings and hates. In 2013, she released an album that the reviewers did not send many roses to, but it helps her to keep herself down in tight dresses.

19. Avril Lavigne (47,100,000 results): The singer was married to Chad Kroeger in 2013, also known as Nickelback rock band. They also sing the duet on Lavigne’s latest album.

18. Jennifer Lopez (52,000,000 results): Lopez has dropped from a 9th place last year, but it does not mean she has been living in 2013. She is in American Idol, producing on a TV show, Owns a chain of mobile business and is creative director of nuvoTV. And then there is a new album on the way.

17. Nicki Minaj (53,600,000 results): The American rapper was also among the judges of American Idol. Here she had a bit of a bitch fight with another of the judges, Mariah Carey, whom she distanced on the list.

16. Christina Aguilera (58.800.000 results): She is one of only two women who has achieved a ranking as number one on the charts in both the 90’s, 00’s and 10’s. This year she found the number “Feel the moment” along with Pitbull.

christina aguilera

15. Honey Boo Boo (58,800,000 results): American children and reality star, who has his own show. Unbelievable that there is as much material online about her as Aguilera.

14. Kim Kardashian (64,300,000 results): The Reality star was married to rapper Kanye West this year and got his first child. And yes, she has taken pictures of her backdrop countless times in 2013.

13. Beyonce (68.700.000 results): The singer has been on the world tour and was past Denmark in 2013. In addition, she had a very well-known show in connection with Superbowl.

12. Adele (73,000,000 results): The English singer has not been much in focus in 2013, but there is still material on the web about her to hold the ranking in the top 25. She is on the road with a new album, so maybe She is in top 10 next year.

11. Selena Gomez (84,200,000 results): Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend has done her job to get rid of her nice image by joining Spring Breakers. In addition, she has released an album that went directly into the first place.

10. Madonna (86.600.000 results): The pop queen is as always a lot in the media, no matter what she does. This year she has traveled the world thinly with her concert-driven MDNA, so it has not made the world’s interest less.

9. Britney Spears (87,800,000 results): How Britney may be more interesting than Madonna is hard to explain, but this year she started a new show in Las Vegas. And then she was fired as a judge in X-factor.

8. Miley Cyrus (92,200,000 results): What world do we live in when one can become among the world’s most talked about by “twinging” and pitching tongues? We do not understand, but we fear what the next thing will be – do bus men and dancers dance?

miley cyrus

7. Taylor Swift (110,000,000 results): The talented singer and songwriter is a very frequent subject in the slatter palaces as she constantly changes guy. In 2013, she has been seen in the company of Harry Styles from One Direction.

6. Katy Perry (119,000,000 results): Although Miley Cyrus clearly surpassed Katy Perry in the course of 2013, she is still popular. In fact, she has become the most followed star on Twitter, close to 50 million following her.

5. Cher (160,000,000 results): The oldest in the list (she’s 67 years!) In the top 25 and probably a bit of a surprise as she’s not so much in the media anymore. However, in 2013 she released an album. However, it should be said that Cher is also the name of a river in France and a widely used dog name …

4. Lady Gaga (161,000,000 results): She was not quite Gaga this year as Miley Cyrus, but a number of strange costumes and a nude performance in a yoga video became apparent. Last year she was also number four.

3. MIA (242,000,000 results): The English rapper has had great success in 2013 with his album Matingi. However, the reason she is so high on the list is that MIA also means “Missing in Action” and is an abbreviation for Miami.

2. Lana del Rey (597,000,000 results): Last year, Lana del Rey was in the first place after successful success as a singer and model for H & M. In 2013, there was a little more quiet about her, but the success is on.

1. Rihanna (1,420,000,000 results): The Barbados hit machine achieved a ranked number one on the charts for the seventh consecutive year, and then she also won a Grammy. But she has probably got the most attention in 2013 through her Twitter and Instagram profiles, where she appears in very little clothes.